weekend update

January 23, 2006

I had a pretty good weekend, a decent mix of the productive with the non-productive. However in all honesty there was probably more of the latter than the former. In fact much of this weekend is already blurring together in my head, lets see.

Saturday I did work in the afternoon, then went to a China SST reunion dinner over in Kulp. It was good times, and although the food was not exactly completely authentic, the company was a fun. Then I went to Elizabeth’s senior recital on the cello, which was amazing! My favorite pieces were “Song Without Words in D Major” by Felix Mendelssohn, “Adagio from Bride Stream” by Dmitri Shastokovich, and “Piano Trio in E minor, Op.90 (Dumky)” by Antonin Dvorak. She played very beautifully and it was a great evening, plus she had this great brown dress that I thought was really great. I don’t usually go for browns, but this was a rich chocolate color that looked really good on her.

Then on Sunday I slept through church to get a jump start on the homework, that succeeded in part. Then for supper I went home to mooch some homemade lasagna and taught Mom and Dad doudijou (or fight the landlord) a 3 person card game I learned in China. Then we all went over to the “Fierce Love” celebration of the feminine divine service at College Church. It was good, although it raised some issues for how I perceive and interact with God. The God I talk to and interact with tends to be more masculine, however when I feel the most comfortable with my prayer I feel like I address God like I would a close female friend. After the service I went over to the apartments and had back massages and conversation with Steph, Becca, Miriam and Katie. It was quite nice, then I hurried over to Kauffmann for my weekly dose of Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy. Its fun because it has become a way for me to connect with Miriam, Anna, and a bunch of cool girls who I don’t see a lot otherwise. Although I still completely love Grey’s Anatomy, I would have to say watching Desperate Housewives is more of a social habit, than real priority.

So yeah that brings us to today, which was also my first day of work at GG. It was orientation, so me and the other trainee, were taken over to an extra room at the neighboring gym (that is owned by the same people as own GG) to watch an hour long video on the production, history, culture, and kinds of espresso. Some of it was actually really helpful, such as a how to make espresso and steamed milk section and a definition of all the different espresso variation drinks (important note, espresso is actually pronounced eSpresso, not eXpresso as so many tend to do). Overall I think I will enjoy working there, but jeepers there is a lot to remember about how to make a good espresso!

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  1. Yes! yes there is, but then you get to feel all cool and sophisticated because you know all about it and can make the drinks yourself. Love you dear, and congrats

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