morning after

January 19, 2006

Record last night, it went well for the most part, except at 11pm it started feeling like 2am, and then 11 to 1am went by in about 15 minutes. Time is a pretty crazy concept, very relative. I think the issue went well, despite the fact that printer went on the blitz and we had the darndest time finding one of the perspective pictures. Interestingly enough the front page was the first page completed, I don’t think I ever remember that happening before.

Yesterday I had a job interview at the coffee shop (the one off of Lincoln), which I would name but after reading one of the perspectives in today’s Record I think I should probably refrain from. Anyways it seemed to go pretty well, but I am such a newbie at this that it is hard to tell. But I should know for sure whether I have a job by today or tomorrow. I think it would be fun to be a Barrista, kinda a cool name don’t you think.

Hmmm, maybe I will come up with all these cool nicknames for people and institutions so that I can talk about everyone without risking the odd google here and there.

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