friday afternoon (doing homework)

January 13, 2006

I know, I am a little shocked too, but hey this is a style test thing. Way cool. I have always loved these personality test things, but maybe that’s because I have been hoping that I would discover one in which I had a clear result. Often with these types of tests, I’ll be a tie between 2, but hey not with this one.
I took the Gilmore & Fraleigh “Friendly Style Profile” for Transforming Conflict and Violence and here are my results:
27/25 Accommodating/Harmonizing
20/21 Analyzing/Preserving
29/22 Achieving/Directing
24/32 Affiliating/Perfecting
As I would have predicted, Accommodating/Harmonizing remained strong in both situations and Analyzing/Preserving rather low. But what I found interesting was the marked drop off in Achieving/Directing and huge leap in Affiliating/Perfecting during storm conditions. I think I have found that to be true over the years. As I have grown into more leadership roles, I am learning that while I am willing to take charge, I really hate leadership roles when I am worn-out, in stressful situations, tired, or in other challenging situations. At that point I tend to want to follow and be the support system, instead of being the take-charge person. Which in retrospect makes Shanghai make so much sense now.
So hey, does anybody else know their scores for this thing?


  1. I had a high affiliating/perfecting score for calm conditions, which gave way to accomodating/harmonizing for storm situations. Which makes sense…in general I know what I want and try to get everything to meet my standards, but if I’m in a situation where other folks are in conflict I’m more likely to take on a mediating role.

  2. yea, I actually did this last night at around 1. My scores were:
    31/34 Affiliating/Perfecting
    31/28 Accommodating/Harmonizing
    21/18 Analyzing/Preserving
    17/20 Achieving/Directing
    So I’m high in both A/P and A/H which was not surprising to me, though I would have thought that A/H would be the highest in both calm and storm situations.

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