trifles and triiiifles

January 8, 2006

today was good, almost completely non-productive, but good
slept till noonish
ate brunch at the rot, always appealing, but usually unsatisfying
went home to get car
did errands, dropping off application at Lane Bryant (keep the fingers crossed for me),
shopped at Kroger, ran into Andy and the library
hung out at the house, downloaded music, organized blooming music collection (still recovering from the 12 gb loss I experienced last week)
went to thai food with the roth sisters, had good time, good food (although my particular dish was less than superb) ran into Sarah and Zeb, good couple I think
came back to apartments for amazing dessert thing with the girls plus Luc, Thushan, and Pete
returned to Aurora house to watch Garden State, got to see the Libby who is leaving next week for Seatle
watched the movie, enjoyed it overall, pretty original, although it faded toward the end when it got more talky and less showing
hung out with friends, good times
got back rub from Meryl

pretty much a good day, if not even great

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