life in the new year

January 4, 2006

This morning I got up for the first day of classes I have had on GC soil in over a year (if you don’t count last may term) and of course the DR SST send off. Jonathan was among the counted (as well as Aurora housemate Lena Slusher), which marks the 3rd N——- SST send-off. Although Jonathan did deviate from the present pattern by going to a non-communist, non letter C country. Although he did choose the Dominican Republic which is Democratic, so at least there is that consistency.

I had digital design and history of global poverty today, both of which I think will be good classes, I am realizing that my load this semester is really not to bad, I will be done with classes by 2 every day and most of the days by 12 or so. But of course this will be in combination with completing the oh so dreads history senior seminar ginormous paper.
Being back on campus has been really good so far, but with its definite weird moments. Such as walking into the Rot for the first time in a long time and realizing that I didn’t recognize half the people and being subjected to the starting your own table embarrassment. One would think that as a Senior, the rot would be less scary that as a freshmen, but I have found that it actually the other way around. But it was really great when I was “rescued” from my empty table by a bunch of Jonathan’s friends. Which in all honesty through the years have become my own in a way. I mean the boy does have good taste in friends 🙂

I also really like my new housemates and the comforts of having one’s own house, although I think I have the whole thing to myself right now. Silly afternoon classes. And of course I also have a new roommate, Alex, the younger sister of my roommate of countless years, Meryl. So far things have been really good, she is really accommodating and we have made a pretty good transition together. I hung up my Tibetan prayer flags and because they came in this role, they are all rolled tightly up against the string, but gravity is slowly getting them to unroll themselves. So we have our own kind of blooming going on.

As for the whole adjusting thing, life here in the states is going well, but jeepers, I have been going boy crazy recently. Gosh darn men, can’t live with em, can’t live without them. Of course this is also the time when everyone begins to get engaged, get in those final college hook-ups etc. Maybe its because I was around the same boys for so long, but the GC campus does seem full of men, but I am also really really tired of the, kinda crushes, the possible interests, the ritual of seeking a relationship. I also hate flirting and although I have been informed by the girl friends that I do indeed do it, it is a very different kind that what seems to be employed by most women. Why can’t my desire for a relationship just be fufilled simply easily and without lots of complications and intrigue?


  1. I definitely agree with you. That last sentence pretty much sums it all up. *sigh* And I ate at the Rot a total of maybe 5 times last semester because I never knew anybody in there…being a senior is odd. Good luck with classes and feel free to visit when I’m around!

  2. oh man, i hear you, the rot is still somewhat terrifying. and not just b/c of the food. who are all these people?–>

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