flying through iceland tomorrow

December 20, 2005

Last day in London folks, and I must admit it time has gone by quickly. I have had a really great time here, scene two shows, two museums, countless little shops, big churches and great restaurants. But I think by the end of this all I will be ready to head home, considering even my wonderful amazing family can get a little old after 2 weeks. Plus it will be nice to be at home again and to prepare for the craziness that will by my last semester of college! Doesn’t that sound weird?

I gave Tim and Charletta their China Christmas gifts last night and the dress fit Charletta perfectly, so that made me happy. I really do like giving gifts, I mean I like receiving them too, but giving them is the best part. Earlier this week I discovered Oxfam stores which are great places to buy Christmas presents for people because all the profits go to do aid around the world.

Here’s the other thing I love about Great Britain, the food you can find in the grocery stores is so much cooler than in the States. For example you can easily purchase a good block of mature white cheddar (including Canadian, Irish, or whatever), you can find all kind of chutney’s even in just a hole in the wall shop, pesto sauce abounds, as does lots of curry stir ins, you can also find nan bread and Cadbury’s chocolate everywhere. I also just found out that apparently Cadbury’s is a Quaker company that while not fair trade in its standards works hard to provide good wages and conditions for its workers. So basically I like that you can find the ingredients for a good curry almost everywhere here, plus of course you can also find just about every different ethnic food around here. In fact this variety has allowed me to fulfil cravings I’ve been having for the past 3 months in China, including Thai food, olives and good pasta. Yummy place this London.

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  1. Abby’s coming home…oh yes, Abby’s coming, yippee! yippee! Abby’s coming home 🙂

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