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December 6, 2005

Music: I am listening to the Birthday CD that Jonathan made me, which completely and totally rocks! I love brothers, especially mine.

Well the pattern so far this week seems to be getting up early and then bumming around the house, watching the sun come up, watching a little random television, checking the email, getting a few things down, eventually showering and heading over to the college to be social.

Yesterday I had a great time invading apartment 403 (the home of Becca, Miriam, Katie and now Jess), we played a few rounds of cards, took a nap, had tea, talked, went to El Cameno Real for some much craved Mexican food and then had a delightful oil massage party in their loft with Steph, Meryl and Tara. I really like their apartment and it was nice to be able to be there without feeling any obligation to be loud or quiet.
Today I plan on heading over and hanging out with the Aurora folk, house meal at 6pm, then I have an eye appointment at 7pm.

The weather here is cold as all get out, but in a totally non-Indiana thing is very sunny. So pretty gorgeous overall. As for culture shock, right now China is feeling very far away and I find myself wanting to just seek out other China SSTers and talk about it constantly. Maybe to remind myself it really happened. On the other hand it is also great to see all my friends I have been missing, yet I sometimes find myself at a loss of what to say.

Countdown to London: 5 days