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dancing till the wee hours of the early night

November 5, 2005

under the wonderful tradition of many bloggers who blog drunk, I will do my best by blogging yi dian tipsy, so yeah not trashed but pretty high on life.
So tonight me and pretty much 9 out of 12 SST girls got extremely dolled up and went to a club with the teacher of those taking the Chinese dance, and we went to a club and we got 570 yuan worth of alchol and it was good, mexican beer and great wall wine mixed with coke (not the snorting kind) and then we danced in a crowded smoke filled room till the floor spun.
pulsing bass and 9 pairs of swaying hips does the soul good

ps finally found a sst project, gonna read some chinese short short stories and write a few of mine own

pps borrowed kat’s target pants and they fit and they look sexy and gosh darn it they are a size smaller than my regular ones

ppps definitely gonna skip church tomorrow

pppps important note did not sell soul to devil, still abby, just hyper