foreign service, an interesting option

October 31, 2005

so today while listening to a very insightful lecture by John Louton (a representative of the US consulate) I had some interesting thoughts regarding my future. Two options that I hadn’t given a lot of thought too, but I could enjoy would be international education or being a judge. But more than that I was realizing how much my desire/willingness to spend time abroad opens up new options for me. Louton shared a scary statistic from 4 years saying that only 50% of US congresspeople had ever left the country. Now that is not to say that one can’t have incredibly important and stretching experiences within a country, or that entering another country gives one an automatic advantage. I mean teaching in a poor high school for a year could be as challenging as going on Peace Corps, but there remains something about really visiting a country and culture so different from one’s own that is imperative to gaining a broad world view.

I have only 33 days left in China, just barely over a month and in 43 days I will actually be in London. But I am in China now and that is what is important and what I keep trying to focus on.

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