around a month left

October 29, 2005

and actually only 3 of those weeks will actually be spent in Chengdu. While I find myself thinking of home more and more, I keep trying to get the most out of my time here. I know that as soon as I get home, I will be begin to miss so many random things about China such as:
-all the cute tiny dogs, which is kinda weird because before SST I thought little dogs were not much better than overgrown rats. But the dogs here are cute, not yippy and just so China, I want one!
-the food, although it seems weird right now to think of missing something like food that I am getting tired of, I think I will miss it
-getting to wear the same clothes 3-4 days in a row without getting any weird looks
-not being to deeply ensnared in academia
-living in a city, riding on the buses, taking cheap taxis
-being able to have really odd and inappropriate conversations in public with no fear that others are listening in, sometimes english is it’s own little secret language
-our group, yeah I am gonna miss everyone in this group so much

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