recieved chinese hair cut and massage

September 23, 2005

although not simultaneously

I first heard of the 15 kuai hour long massages from others in the group and knew I had to check it out. Great time, a full body massage including back cracking and an ear massage. Three weirdest parts included butt massage, upper inner thigh massage and knee cap massage, but over all very professional and extremely relaxing. Oh and it cost me a little less than 2 dollars

hair cut report, you can officially see my neck, so I think it must be short. It included a fabulous head and scalp massage, a washing, a cutting, and a styling for 6 kuai, or around 75 cents. So my head now looks fabulously asian (except for that whole blonde and curly part). Oh and it only took 2 hours!

One comment

  1. I can’t wait to see it!! (I’ve been thinking of cutting my hair really short too…we’ll see.)

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