China post

September 1, 2005

Well it looks like I can at least post to my blog, but just not view it. So this may be one of the few posts I make this semester.

Where to start, well I am here at Chengdu, at the Sichuan Normal University. Feeling good, except for a nagging sore throat that I have had for a few days. Life here in China is great, tiring, and busy. The other day our group was reflecting on the ways we are being stretched here and our delights, so I will share one of both.

First of all something that stretches me is the air, pollution is at higher levels here than I am used to in the states (although Chengdu seems much better than both Beijing and Xi’an). And along with that smoking is everywhere, through into that the cacophony of smells ranging from cooking, to sewer and everything in between gives one a brief idea of the streets of China. Then through these streets pop up stands bearing everything from pomograntes, to fish, turtles, mao watches and silk scarves. The streets at night in Beijing were definitly one of my delights. Another delight has been the unexpected greeness of the Sichuan campus, grass, and trees are everywhere, which help ones eyes adjust after the harshness of the cites.

As someone in our group said, this past week has been crazy, seeing something spectacular every single day. One definitly spectacular site was the Terracotta warriers in Xi’an, brilliant preservations of an emperor’s desire to rule even into death. The figuries are lifesize and each is different from the next in facial expression. Yet despite the spectacular nature of these figures, I think my favorite site was the Summer Palace in Beijing, full of small ponds, flower gardens and paths wondering around the side of the lake. We even got a small ferry ride accross the lake.

For more pictures go to http://www.goshen.edu/sst/china05/


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