things accomplished today

August 19, 2005

-uploaded a bunch of cds to the computer, but I haven’t yet synced the iPod
-I did the load of laundry and dried it outside
-cleaned out a few boxes, although I really should take a final peek at the ones behind the couch in my room
-visited CVS and spent way more than I was expecting on some allergy pills
-didn’t visit the library, but then the books aren’t due for a little bit
-packed some, still have the final stuff to do, but that shouldn’t be too hard to finish up tomorrow
-I didn’t put my other clothes away at all
-still didn’t shave the legs
-visited Katrina in the lab
-thought about China
-happily ripped open Amazon package this afternoon
-played a full 1000 point game and a 500 point game with the family, of which Jonathan and I won both

-I also baked some wild rice bread, and helped Mom make a real feast for supper. We had sesame noodles (my contribution), fresh bread, my Wisconsin Gouda cheese, tilapia fish from Honduras, green beans, fresh tomatoes, and 7 day pickles, it was amazing! Then I biked over to the college with my family to see Jonathan’s dorm room and gave them a tour of Aurora, which will be where I will be living next Spring.


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