6 minutes to blog

August 2, 2005

So I am back from PA/VA and now frantically working on THE PAPER, the same one that is driving other Maple Scholars wild with delight. Trip back was kinda crazy, missed a flight, flew standby, spent the night at Jess’s house in Chicago, kicked it off early in the morning with a train downtown to catch the other train, all to be picked up by Charles (one of Jonathan’s friends) at the South Bend Airport.

Then I got the checksy from the eye doctor, no 20/20, but pretty darn close. Which is good enough for me. So now I wisk myself away to the newly reopened library to bury myself in book dust and key clicking, which will some how transform themselves into a paper!


One comment

  1. it’s open again?? the good library???

    and my paper is now 25 pages, mostly from interview transcribing. it’s not fair that some don’t have to write one! argh, that makes me feel really bitchy..–>

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