pics for tim

July 24, 2005

Tim: These are the pictures of the deck that Mom said you wanted. The picture in the upper left hand is when Dad was finished laying some of the floor boards, as you can see we were in the middle of quite a rain storm. The upper right hand is a close-up of the planks, they are recycled plastic, kinda like wood, but not quite, but very eco-friendly of course. Then the bottom left gives a view of what has been done up to today, where Jonathan is perched is actually meant for hanging flowers. The final pictures is from inside the kitchen, looking out, as you can see the deck also provides a nice resting place for strange wildlife that wonder through my pictures. Posted by Picasa


One comment

  1. Very impressive. Especially the face smashed against the glass shot. Reminds me of a similar photo I once took 🙂

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