July 22, 2005

This morning I got up at 7am to get to my post-op check-up at 8am. Everything looks good, although due to residual swelling in my left eye, my vision is not 20/20 yet. Although my right eye is pretty much perfect.

Lasik went really well yesterday, although there were some very uncomfortable weird sensations, I wouldn’t describe it as painful. The staff there were really great and the surgery itself only took around 15 minutes. Although it felt both longer and shorter than that. I spent most of the afternoon really bored, with no reading, computer, TV or other detail activity allowed. So I built a house of cards, played a few rounds of solitaire, and then even two games of spider solitaire, which is much more complex to play without a computer. The best surprise of the afternoon was Steph stopping by. I had called her house and left a message with her Mom saying to have her call me, but without even getting the message she stopped by. So we played some idiot, which basically helped the whole boredom thing. Then in the evening I made a Japanese salad dressing that I got the recipe from Jess’s Mom, it turned out well. And I capped off the evening by going to Small Group.

I think the best part about Lasik can be summed up by this morning when after waking up I reached for my glasses and realized they weren’t there!



  1. I love your pictures.

  2. So glad it went well. What is the glasses count now for our SST group? Not important, just curious.

  3. Ich besichtige deinen Aufstellungsort wieder bald fur sicheres!

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