sittin here in my underwear

July 10, 2005

Music: Jump, Little Children Say Goodnight

This evening as my parents were driving my home from the South Bend Airport, we were chatting about a younger cousin’s upcoming decision to attend either the public school in her area or LMH, the area Mennonite high school. I realized I wouldn’t really have any advice to give her. My decision to attend Bethany, the Goshen Mennonite high school, over my local school district, shaped my life in ways that are hard to even imagine at this point. My parents would live in a different house, I wouldn’t even know many of my high school friends, but more than that I could have been shaped into an entirely different person. As is commonly agreed high school is a highly influential part of life, but how different would I be right now if that choice had been made differently. I don’t look back on it with regret, but just a high dose of curiosity. What I wouldn’t give to be able to see the different me that would exist today if I had not gone to Bethany. But then I am sure I will have many more of these major “forks” in my life to come. They do tend to draw forth the question, How much to our experiences shape who we become?


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