patriotic duty

July 4, 2005

Today I fulfilled my duty as an American citizen by spending the day shopping in South Bend. I figured it was as traditional a way to spend the day as any BBQ. Tara drove Kat and I there in her mom’s amazing hybrid. We browsed Old Navy, the mall and some other stories. I bought a nice pair of green pants, that I should be able to wear as capris or as regular pants, they will definitly be coming with me to China (which is less than 2 months away). It was fun to hang out with them both, especially Kat, who I haven’t seen as much as I would like to this summer.
But my real reason to go was the take pictures with them in the photo booth that gives you those cool sets of four poses. I love those machines.


One comment

  1. cute!

    also, do you think carl would shoot me if i stayed on vacation an extra day or so?

    ’cause i think i might.

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