warning chick flick warning

June 18, 2005

I watched the Notebook with Tara tonight, which was a blast. In fact the whole evening was, we went to Steak N Shake and got to see Mel, we fed the chickens Tara is babysitting, we went to Krogers, etc. Just hung out in general, which we hadn’t done in quite some time.

But I have to admit the evening was a little of a struggle, Tara was feeling gushy because of a very sweet letter she got from her boyfriend on SST, last night I spent with Jesse and Steph, and the very romantically inclined movie I watched all sort of compiled. I mean how hard is it to not want a boyfriend? I mean I would be lying if I said I didn’t, and I don’t feel I need to be in denial of it. I guess I wish contentment was easier to find. I guess some days it is.

In reading all this stuff about amazing single Mennonite women I am somewhat inspired and awed by. I think I could do that, find a place or cause that I could dedicate my life to and remain single. But at the same time, I don’t’ want that path. I guess what I really want to be asking these women that I am going to be interviewing, is how did you do it? How did you find fulfillment in a life without someone to share it with? I mean I guess I sort of know the answer, I mean I have been living it for 21 years, and there are definitely times when I have felt very fulfilled. So at least I know I don’t need a relationship, but how does one deal with the want?

Maybe they just didn’t watch chick flicks.


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  1. chick flicks are the spawn of Satan.

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