researchin and reading (the two r’s)

June 16, 2005

Well so far Maple Scholars is going well. My topic interests me and such, however I still have a lot of ambiguity regarding what I am actually trying to do. And it is looking like 40 weeks are not gonna happen, considering that I already have 12 hour weekly babysitting commitments. But I figure I’ll aim for 30 and just try to get lots done.

I love my room here in kulp, I sleep under the window every night and with the nice drop in temperatures, I don’t even have my fan running. Game nights have sort of become my substitute for a social life, but they have been fun. Lots of TiChu and TransAmerica. I guess TiChu has turned out to be quite a good investment.

I am gonna go take a shower now and then do a bit more with the research.


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