as I was driving back from Jesse’s

June 16, 2005

where I had watched Electra with Steph and Jesse I was pondering to myself, as one tends to do in the car. Humans are such creatures of the present. While we have memories, they pale in comparison to the sensory details the we receive while we are conscious. I can look back on my life and remember events, people, and places, yet they are all blurred. Yet we also base much of our decisions on these fragments of the past, in fact if we didn’t have memory we would not be as advanced a species as we are. However so much of our present lives, the now, the instant we are actually living in, passes by without much thought. While I am not advocating forgetting the past or the future, it is interesting to think how much of the present we waste. Considering the average American watches 2 hours of television daily, what kind of memories does that produce for our future. Is the benefit of convenience worth the price of detachment from the sensory details found in the long details of preparing a meal from scratch?

Just a few meandering thoughts (not to be taken with any less than 7 grains of salt and maybe a nice soft pretzel)


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