well the summer keeps on drifting

June 1, 2005

Over all mood is up, although I haven’t been blogging as much these days. I guess the dial-up is a pretty big deterrent. I haven’t been doing a whole lot, but my days still manage to feel fairly full. This past weekend it was really great to have Laura and her boyfriend Jed here for a while. They were attending/playing in a wedding in Shipshi so needed a place to stay. It was great I got caught up on Laura’s life for the past 6 months or so and got to know Jed a little bit more too.
Last night Steph, Becca and I went to Red Lobster to celebrate Becca’s last evening here. She leaves to be Wilderness Wind’s summer cook today. I’ll miss her, but she is gonna have such an amazing time.
I guess most of what I’ve been doing is just cleaning the room, sorting things, hanging out with the family, playing so much TiChu and babysitting. Over all not a too bad way to spend 2 weeks.
Tomorrow I am off to Arizona with Laurel with a pit stop in Palmer Lake to see the Meryl. So that should be loads of fun! Road Trip!!!!


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