well its back to the ole dial up

May 23, 2005

Summer is going well so far. I haven’t managed to be super productive, but I have babysat twice already for the Good-Kaufmans and their two little girls. In fact last Saturday evening found me in charge of four little girls all under the age of 4. Despite some interesting ideas about how poop should be transported to the toilet and a few temper tantrums it was a good evening. I also finally got my Ti Chu deck that I ordered on-line and have definitely been getting my moneys’ worth out of it. That is the nice thing about having free time, so much more relaxing and game time, versus study time. However I did find out that I got a B in my one credit not actually needed English Syntax course, which means that I no longer have a 4.0. I guess I should have guessed it, as soon as I get to liking the idea of graduating with a 4.0 I go ahead and ruin it. Oh well.

I think one of the best parts of break so far has been the family time. While I have already gotten annoyed at all the “friendly reminders” given me by my parents regarding the state of my disaster area room, it is nice to spend time with them. Especially Jonathan who I haven’t spent proper time with since Christmas.

Another big highlight of the last few days was going to see Star Wars with a bunch of people last Thursday and then crashing at Jesse’s house (yes Steph’s Jesse). It was a really good time and it was nice to get to spend more time with someone who is and is going to be such a big part of Steph’s life.

Oh and I am really pumped because next weekend I will get to see my cousin Laura again, which is always a blast.



  1. Hurray, another member of the lost-my-4.0-in-a-totally-unnecessary-course club! Ah well, guess it’s probably good for us.

  2. abbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is a late comment so no one will probably ever read it.. but I think a 3.9 GPA has more character than a 4.0

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