zai jian putonghua*

May 18, 2005

*goodbye Mandarin
Well May term is over and I have to say it was a good one. The other day Meryl was digging through some of her stuff in preparation for packing and discovered the notes that we had written at the end of last May Term. Our group from History of the Southwest was a really good one and at the end of the term we had all passed around papers and wrote nice things about each other. So Meryl and I had a blast reading over what each member of the group and said about Meryl, so many warm fuzzies! I think I have just had a lot of luck when it comes to may terms, pretty much 3 out of 3 have scored high on the awesome levels!

I was reading Steph’s most recent post about how her junior year is now officially over and it finally hit me that I have only one year left till graduation! Wowsas, I mean I can’t believe I am more that half way done with college and that soon I will be heading out into the “real world”. But fortunately I feel more ready for that than I ever had before, maybe its a part of this whole gaining independence/maturing thing.

Also I am really excited about my summer, my fall and my next Christmas (which just may happen in London with my family). All in all pretty darn happy. You know I guess this is how happiness happens sometimes, just sneaks in through the window and while it may not last it is a good darn time.


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