um its Monday, duh

May 10, 2005

As you have probably noticed by now, I tend not to do very well with the whole title thing (or the whole typing the as “the” and not teh”). Anyways I probably should correct this title to read Tuesday, but because I really thought I was typing that and it was my fingers fault that Monday appeared I will leave it there as a warning to them.

This past weekend was carrific, with Meryl and I logging 28 hours in one for a total of 17 waking hours in Hesston with her family. But it was worth it! I got to see her family and Alex, her sister, (who will be my roomie next spring). Plus I got fed amazing russian menno food several meals in a row. All in a all a good, if slightly rushed, time. Since my arrival home I have done the following things:
-took the second English Syntax test
-went to Chinese class on 5 hours of sleep
-typed more of a manuscript for John Roth
-took a shower
-got a mango smoothie from Java Junction
-visited my parents for supper
-had blood successfully sucked out of my vein in order to determine its type
-mentally frolicked in the sun and blue skies
-ordered the sixth Harry Potter from Amazon
-got nine hours of sleep in order to aid recovery from the weekend
-got a loverly email from Jonathan in London
-wrote a paragraph in Chinese about my family that went something like this (except with tones) Wo jiao Ai Bi. Wo jia you wu kou ren. Tamen shi wo baba wo mama wo gege wo didi. Wo baba jiao John he ta shi Computer jingli. etc etc

So all in all its been a good few days!


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