bridal shopping

May 5, 2005

Well seeing as most of you probably know my good friend and roommate Steph is now officially engaged! So this afternoon, Meryl, Steph, Jess and myself traveled up to Dave’s Bridal in South Bend. Good Lord! For anyone in the least bit interested in weddings and wedding dresses this is the place to go. I mean even if you aren’t interested, you will be by the time you leave. While the three of us played the excited friend role and advisors to the dress selection, Steph tried on various dresses to try to determine a specific style that she would be interested in. The first two had good points, but it was the third that blew us all out of the water. It was beautiful! Strapless with a fitted bodice and then flowing skirt it had beautiful gold and pastel embroidery all along its train and bodice edges. Plus it also fit Steph beautifully! It was when the salesperson added a veil to the ensemble (even though Steph probably won’t get one) that I had that oh my word moment! Steph is going to get married! Of course not for 2 years, but still. Unfortunately that dress is also out of the price range, but there was another one that was also really beautiful and much more reasonable.

So there that I have done the wedding gushing, I also had a great evening checking in with Katrina at the Brew. It was wonderful! She is one of those dear friends who I don’t see all the time but when we do hang out it is perfect and we click right back together. Well I need to do a little packing for this weekend because I will be driving to Kansas with Meryl so that she can see her sister graduate from Hesston.

Goodnight. Oh and by the way Laura, I do plan on being at the Hess reunion and of course want to hear if Jed will be there 🙂


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  1. sounds like good times…i’m not sure whether or not jed is coming…but i was wondering if jed and i could come stay at your parents the night of may 28th (sat.) night…we’re going to a wedding in shipshewana…i’ll give your parents a call too.

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