so you know how I have this homework thing

May 1, 2005

So this weekend….not so much with the productive. I have to confess I studied Mandarin a grand total of 0 hours! I am so bad, but well I did read some of the Modern China book and I thought about it a lot! So what did I do this weekend, you might ask.

Well on Friday night I hung out with the friendlings and watched Spanglish for the second time. While a good movie, I wouldn’t really recommend it for a double viewing, one time was enough. Then I slept in for a while before going home to unpack a little (ie move all my boxes into my bedroom where they will haunt me come the end of may term). During which I ran into Becca and Jess, invited them in and ended up going with them to the library and borrowing the first two volumes of Manor House. Meryl and Steph joined us for watching all 4 hours of the PBS reality recreation of an Edwardian household complete with maids, the butler and of course the aristocratic family who lives in luxury. So very fascinating and I mean who isn’t a sucker for British reality television. Saturday evening turned out to be interesting with a lively game of Up the River Down the River in the Connector followed by almost three hours of Ti Chu which was taught to my friends and I by Charles B.

After staying up until 4am and the brief electrical outage that reset our alarms, my room collectively skipped church. However in true college fashion I still attended the surprise luncheon with my parents providing me with one out of my two homecooked meals for the day. This afternoon Becca invited all of us to her house for a yummy lentil and rice meal with an amazing pecan dessert. And of course this evening mainly consisted of my two guilty television pleasures Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy that I watched with Becca and David.

Anyways my 11pm bedtime beckons so goodnight and maybe I’ll learn more Mandarin Chinese tomorrow.


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  1. Ti Chu Rocks! Oh, and I watched Spanglish Friday too, only it was in the wee hours of the morning on my flight to the UK.

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