english letters

April 29, 2005

Today I opened my gmail inbox (which I am now forwarding all my goshen mail too) and there were two wonderful emails from England. The first from JP, my friend from my summer in N. Ireland. He has relocated to England and is ENGAGED and gonna be a Daddy! It was wonderful to hear from him and invite myself to his wedding 🙂
The second email was from Jonathan who went on the Arts and Theatre in London May term. He just arrived yesterday and so was definitely still experiencing the good ole jet lag.

But speaking of jet lag, I learned yesterday that China is 13 hours ahead of Goshen! Yeah talk about half way around the world. Mandarin is definitely kicking my butt, but we had a really good study session last night and this morning went rather well. Maybe I actually will learn some Chinese.

I also applied at Panara Bread yesterday, so maybe I’ll work there part-time over the summer. Or I may also try to apply at South Side Soda Shop. I have never been a waitress before, but it seems like a job I should try at least once.

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  1. will you be at the reunion this summer? there’s a possibility that jed might come with me! 😉 my life is crazy.

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