I fell in love today

April 27, 2005

not with a boy, silly! with a language

So this morning marked the beginning of my three week intensive attempt at learning Chinese. The class consists of the 20 of us or so who are going on China SST this fall, so this will provide some bonding time as well. Our teachers are (their english names) Kathrine, Ben and Mr. Brown. They are all from the Sichuan providence of China and English teachers at Sichuan Normal University. We learned the Chinese words for head, hand, eye, ear, hello, teacher, and goodbye and all about the five tones of Mandarin. I really loved it, Chinese is a very beautiful language. I think it will also drive me crazy with its new sounds that don’t exist in english like “zh” and “r”. I think this will be a love hate relationship.

The other cool part of the class is that my whole room is all in it, so I will be spending a lot of time with my roomies. This may also be good, because I have a feeling we won’t all be in the room at the same time a lot. It is really wonderful to be back in Goshen and around my friends who love me unconditionally and who I can be totally myself around.

Anyways I really need to do my homework…


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