Goodbye to peace

April 26, 2005

okay so maybe just peace house

I have a lot of mixed feelings as I get ready to leave Indy and return to Goshen, here they are in no particular order:

I abhor packing, wait is that a strong enough word? umm detest, hate with the passion of a thousand suns, okay maybe that is good enough
It is possible to reflect and evaluate 17 times in one day
I got to learn a lot about ethnic hair this semester
I am not a flirt, nor do I like PDA
I never have and never will love basketball
It always seems that just as you begin to really love a place, you leave it (although I don’t think this will be true with Goshen)
I am really excited about May Term
I am more or less ready to leave the people and places of Peace House
I will miss them though
Brie is really good cheese
I usually don’t drink enough water
I actually sort of like to vacuum if the vacuum is actually working
Miriam is a girl after my own heart
I will never love the popular girls
In a few weeks, I will look back at Peace House with even more nostalgia than I feel now
I am horrible at packing and I will never again pack as badly for a semester as I did for Peace House
I have more clothes than I ever wear, yet never seem to be able to make good outfits
I hate packing and enjoy procrastination


One comment

  1. Abby! You’re wonderful. Have a great May term.

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