the trip to Columbus or 9 hours in a radio-less car

April 22, 2005

We arrived back late last evening or early this morning from our quickie trip to Columbus Ohio, just in time for monstrous thunderstorms to soak the city. As I sit here the Friday 11am tornado sirens go off and as usual the city contentedly ignores them, which does ask the question: what would people do if there was an actual tornado on a Friday at 11am?

We piled all 5 of us into the car Tuesday evening and headed east, enjoying the mixed tape that Miriam made us. It was a good random mix of sign-a-long classics, although some of them were slightly shortened from their original playing times. Around 8pm we arrived at Miriam’s house and met her Hoya (mother is Somali) and were promptly fed an amazing heap of savory rice with beef and salad. I love Somali food! Then we met up with Miriam’s friend from high school Richard and hung out at Blockbuster (yes we are incredibly cool). After which our coolness increased by going to Richard’s house and watching Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, which was really hilarious in a very random stoner humor sort of way.

The next morning we slept in before grabbing a very late breakfast at Tim Horton’s (the Canadian import of donuts and coffee which Miriam swears by). Then we hit up a bunch of Somali hot spots around town and ended up at Miriam’s Dad’s house were we played with Miriams’ adorable babies and had another incredible Somali meal. Stuffed once again we staggered to a really ritsy mall by the name of Easton where we wondered around before watching some movies. David and Samuka went to Sahara, Miriam to Sin City and Anna and I to the Upside of Anger.

Thursday we again slept in and then were treated to lunch by Miriam’s mother at a Somali restaurant. She ordered the “sport” platter for us with chicken and goat. The platter is so named because supposedly it is large enough to accomendate the ravenous appetites of men who play sports. But the five of us polished it off quite well. After our late lunch, Hoya bought us girls battais (spelling?) at another little Somali mall. These are thin fabric dresses, or more accurately folded over pieces of fabric with the sides stitched and neck and armholes made. Mine is a beautiful gray with blue splashes.

To cap off the day we went to the dollar theater where Samuka saw National Treasure and the rest of us saw Wedding Date, which despite the very hot Dermot Mulroney (and that wasn’t even the best picture of him!) was a little to cliche and sugary for my tastes. A few favorite lines were “I would miss you even if I had never met you” and “I would rather fight with you than make love to any other woman”

When we finally arrived home late Thursday evening I was greeted by Tara, Jess, Becca and Meryl who had driven down to see the premiere of Lonesome Jim at the Indy Film Festival. Of course what followed was a late night of giggles and gossip, great fun. It is nice to know that I will see them all again in only 4 short days.


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