long good day

April 18, 2005

Wow I am exhausted. We just finished up our internship mentor appreciation event. It was the culminating event of a day of cooking and cleaning. I baked chocolate surprise cupcakes, that I must say turned out slightly disappointingly. They were supposed to be moist, but ended up dry. Like a lot of my baking projects this semester they have turned out not quite as planned. But our house turned out a nice spread including flan, chocolate dipped strawberries, meatballs, chicken wings, mango punch and a killer veggie tray. It feels like I have been going non-stop though since I got up almost 13 hours ago. But I also finished up my creative project which was embroidering a pair of jeans. However I still have the 12 page paper hanging over my head…….sigh. Although now I have decided that it is going to be an 8 page paper and that I need to stop caring and just write it, because I have yet to get anything other than a 100% on any project for the class.

In other news our house is heading to Columbus tomorrow after our final exam. It should be a fun time! I should also take this time to say spring has arrived here in Indy. It started right after the two rainy days early last week and then almost overnight all the trees began blooming and leaves shooting up. I had forgotten how beautiful green can be, but my heart still belongs to blue 🙂

Well I have a big paper to procrastinate on…


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