a little bit down, but nothing new

April 11, 2005

Let me start by saying that this past weekend was great! Nothing extremely specific just fun times with my housemates. It is getting close to the end of our time here at Peace House and I feel like in many ways we are finally beginning to click. Other times I just feel so frustrated. I feel like in many ways I haven’t been true to myself this semester. Relating to my housemates has been both the best and most challenging part of my time here. While we have definitely come a long way to finding community together, I still feel like there are some barriers that haven’t gone down or really been addressed. I guess I thought that living together would be easier than this. In many ways it was, but in the deeper, intimate connections it turned out much more difficult. I think part of it is that I have felt a lot like the odd one out this semester, which in all honesty is partially of my own making. When I feel uncomfortable I tend to withdrawal and that can definitely lead to a vicious cycle. I think the hardest part is feeling like my housemates haven’t gotten to know the real me, I guess who I was this semester is part of me, just not all of me.

In other news, internships are almost over and so are classes. But I am realizing that that means I really need to get a start on my final research paper…..sigh

Other things I should post more about later:
my visit to the Psychic Spiritialist Church next door
my week long attempt at the Atkins’ diet
upcoming visit of parents/brothers


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