Million Dollar Baby

April 2, 2005

Well after a whirl wind trip to Goshen yesterday to see the GCDC concert I arrived back in Indy slightly tired but content. Over all a pretty good time for only 6 hours in the car 🙂 Of course GCDC did a spectacular job and totally rocked the Umble with a packed crowd (and I mean packed I almost got turned away at the door!). After arriving home I did something good for myself and went on a run, then after scrubbing up went out for dinner with Anna and David to La Bamba where their claim to fame is burritoes as big as your head. It was a good time although as sometimes is the case these days when spending time with Anna and David, I felt a little third wheelish. I think part of it is because I just don’t know David as well and so it sort of makes Anna the go between, which is a bummer because I would have liked to get to know David better. But we had a good time and even stopped by DQ for dessert.

Then we stopped back by the house to pick up Miriam and went to see Million Dollar Baby. It was really well done, I hadn’t quite known what to expect, but it really delivered a good punch (awful pun I know!). The characters were well developed and very three dimensional, the writing and acting were all well done, essentially it really deserved the Best Picture. For those of you who don’t know it revolves around three characters, two old boxing pros and a young woman determined to fight her way out of her hillbilly background. But at the heart of the movie is a touching father-daughter relationship between a boxer and a trainer. Morgan Freeman especially deserves kudos for his role as an old boxer who now helps run a boxing gym. After seeing his acting, it was crystal clear why he won an Academy for Best Supporting Actor.

Overall I highly recommend it! While there is boxing related violence, the powerful story and the manner in which the violence is neither glorified or emphasized easily made up for it. I have to admit it was a tearjerker for me, but I have realized that in the past year I have been losing my ability to remove myself from characters and plotlines. Which means I end up crying at some pretty sappy stuff, but oh well I figure there are worse character flaws.


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