beautiful, beautiful weather

March 31, 2005

Well I don’t know about the rest of you all, but Indy has had spectacular weather these past few days. Temperatures in the high 60’s, slight breezes and lots of sun. This week has gone by quickly, leaving me surprised to realize that I have only 2 weeks of internship left! While I am not chomping at the bit to be done, I think I will be quite ready to return to Goshen when that time rolls around. Life here at Peace House has been quiet, probably due in part to the fact that Miriam is gone all of this week and was gone all last weekend. It has also been nice to have a bit more of a relaxed week, J’s class was canceled this week due to him being on Spring break and I didn’t work at the State Museum for the same reason. However I did fill some of my time with helping out at the front desk at the Peace House Office because DeeDee was also on vacation. But this week wasn’t all fun and games I also completed my 5 pager on Gloria Steinem leaving only the creative project and the big 12er on minimum wage.

Last night my housemates let me watch Alias even though they really wanted to watch the USA/Guatemala World Cup qualifier game. I am really glad they did, because it was a great episode, all about Marshall. Today in a flurry of last minute emails, faxes and mailings, I finally got my application for the MMA scholarship in. I think I probably took a few years of Dad’s life with all this deadline shenanigans. But hey, hopefully it will give me some money for next year.


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  1. It was a great episode!! I love Marshall!

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