okay here’s the dream/plan folks

March 26, 2005

Wow I am being super inspired by this site that chronicles Eric K and David L’s one year journey around the world. Eric’s dad is a cousin to my dad and so we are related somehow and his younger sister Carmen was a good friend of mine when we were little. Anyways they started out in Eastern PA and hitchhiked/backpacked their way south to Mexico and then down through South America before flying to the Middle East (their current location). They then plan on continuing around the Mediterranean by sailboat and then heading north into Eastern Europe for a bike tour. Come mid summer they will fly to southern Asia and do some more hiking around before a possible flight over to Australia to wrap up their year long world tour.

Their trip just sounds so completely amazing! I don’t know if I could pull of a year long trip anytime soon, but here’s my idea for a nice 4 month one.
Start by flying east to Dublin where I would do a driving tour of Ireland for around 2 weeks, visiting northern Ireland and my friends there, while also seeing more of Ireland, then off to London England, where if the timing was right I could visit with Tim and Charletta for a little while, then head out on a backpacking tour of England for around 2 weeks. Then I would cross the channel and head to France, traveling mainly by trains and doing the hostel thing taking around 3 weeks to travel up into Germany through the Alsace region and then back down south to Southern France and Italy. Visit Rome and such before catching a ferry of some kind over to Greece and then to Turkey. Then I would head south again to Cyprus and hopefully catch some kind of boat to Lebanon and then south to Israel. Here I would be joined by my Dad and Mom and we would travel around to Hebron and so forth seeing all the different places that my Dad saw when he lived there for 2 years.

So the break down of my dream trip would be 2 months in Western Europe, followed by a month of traveling around the Mediterranean and a month in Israel/Hebron. Estimated time of trip would be after finishing a year of Americorps so around the spring 2007. So who’s up for traveling with me?



  1. That’s really funny, because I was just looking at their blog when I read your post. Its pretty amazing. Your plan sounds cool too. I hope you can pull it off. I wish I could come along 🙂

  2. i’ve been loving reading their website as they go…i know who eric is via my parents (and his sister carmen was the class behind me in school), and dave is jed’s cousin, so i know him too. it totally makes me want to go back to europe especially.

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