not watching Pulp Fiction

March 20, 2005

The other peacers are watching it in the other room and I tried to watch it for the second time, but I just couldn’t. The first time I only got to the beginning scene where the two hitmen kill all the boys who crossed their boss. This time I got to the boxer scene and if the sounds coming from the living room are any indication I am glad I am still not watching it. I mean I really would like to see the movie because I have heard so much about it, but I just really can’t handle extreme violence. I have actually made my way through both Kill Bill’s but that was with a lot of eyes shut and watching through my hands. Yet in all honesty I don’t really mind being this sensitive to violence, I mean violence isn’t something that we should be able to just sit and watch with no reaction. Even when faked on television or in the movies it represents a real part of life that we should never get used too.



  1. I totally agree. Last year, I watched a few such movies and I became sick of them, I don’t want to see any more. =/

  2. violence also makes me squirm but i love pulp fiction b/c it makes me squirm and laugh when i feel like i shouldn’t be.
    also, you shouldn’t see reservoir dogs if violence makes you squeamish. i think it’s worse than kill bill b/c kill bill’s use of violence was just campy.
    oh, quentin tarantino…

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