in another snipet from yesterday

March 16, 2005

While walking to catch my connecting bus home from work yesterday, man came up beside me and asked:
“Can I ask you a question?”
“Now you are an attractive woman, would you be interested in going out with me for dinner or lunch sometime?”

Now this pretty much flabbergasted me, not used to being asked out on the streets I didn’t really have an appropriate response.
“Ummm, I am sorry, but I think not this time.”
“So maybe another time? I have off work on Saturdays and Sundays”
“While it was lovely of you to ask, I am going to have to say no”
“Okay, well it is a beautiful day out, isn’t it”
“yes, yes it is”

It should also be said that this man was not what you would call “close to my age”, while not old enough to be my father, he was definitely older. Thus fulfilling what the pattern set in previous encounters, where I am found most attractive to middle aged men of questionable status in life. Maybe this is a sign from God that I am indeed meant to date only older middle aged men, maybe next time I should say yes?


One comment

  1. You surely did the right thing. I’ve known you for a couple of months now and with the current data I’ve on u, I think u’re a great girl and I see some nice guy asking for a lease in the near furture. 🙂

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