God only knows where I’d be without you by the Beach Boys

February 21, 2005

This song is apparently the number 1 love song of all time (at least according to Entertainment Weekly). I do like the song a lot, but I would have to say I am not sure it is the best. Anyways I am here at work, after actually working for the entire morning. I was helping install a new sports memorable case in the Indiana Treasures section. Interesting people to work with, not incredibly friendly, but nice to work with. Not incredibly interesting work either, but at least I felt useful. I would have to say that this internship would generally be pushing me to reconsider museum work and look elsewhere, but hey who knows.

This past friday night I learned some of the key differences between butt and booty. Miriam dressed me up to go to this party with Samuka’s co-workers, so I ended up in the tightest pair of pants that I have worn in a long time. Which apparently makes all the difference, because as my housemates informed me I definitely had booty. Up until this point I had always been of the opinion that I had butt, not booty, but I have now been educated.

The party itself was okay, not as lively as we had hoped and there wasn’t any dancing, mainly a bunch of people I didn’t know making conversation. But it was nice to get out of the house.

The rest of the weekend consisted of large parts lying around like bums, shopping and baking an amazing “screw lent” cake. I do say in my own defense I was never a big fan of the idea of giving up all sweets for lent and I had been wanting to bake a cake for quite a while.

I would write more, but I have to head to supper.


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