Friday morning feels like Saturday

February 18, 2005

I don’t know why I haven’t really posted this week, I guess I really wasn’t in the mood. It has been a really good week and a really bad week. A lot of emotional ups and downs mainly being played out in my head. But first the facts…

Tuesday was an internship day and it went better than most. KT introduced me to some other people working in the Museum and generally I felt useful. That evening was crazy paper time for the house. But before we settled down to business, we had a guest speaker T King and his supervisor. They are the community organizers behind ONE (Organization for a New Eastside) which follows the pattern set up by Saul Linsky and others of working to empower and create changes that the people living in the neighborhood feel are important. He had us do a fun exercise where we took turns playing the organizer and the neighbor. At one point I pretended to be a crazy ole’ lady with twenty cats.

After they left the house settled back down to writing papers. Although because I had been able to complete good portions of my paper during the down time of my internship I wasn’t in the same boat. So basically I finished mine up and then watched the Daily Show with Jon Stewart at eleven. He is, seriously, one of the funniest men I know. I actually laugh outloud at his show. Miriam and I have developed quite the crush on him actually. Too bad he is probably in his forties and married….

Wednesday was classes and we started off with MM and Practical Peacemaking. As always an excellent class. Perfecto ??????? came in and told us about the work he has been doing in his home country of the Philippines. He works with children prisoners, essentially young street children get detained in the same cells as adults and there are also issues of torture with the police department. Perfecto is in the states working at the graduate law school and it was just amazing to hear his story of continuing despite setback after setback. At first he worked as a journalist, but the editors didn’t want print the stories, then he organized direct actions, then began working as a lawyer. It was amazing to hear how even though there has not been huge successes Perfecto keeps working.

During our afternoon class we spent some time reviewing for our exam on Monday and discussing philanthropy. That evening I watched Alias! It was really good and it was the first time in three weeks or so that I actually saw one live. There is a lot you miss out on when you just read the synopsis on twoevilmonks (although that is definitely better than nothing).

Yesterday was internship day and due to a miscommunication between KT and myself I spent the majority of the day running around in my boots! Lets just say after that I feel into a whole new level of love with my sneakers. While the boots are nice for a quiet day in the office they are killer for high use. What KT and I and another volunteer was doing was disinstalling the exhibit that currently stands in the Legacy Theater and getting it ready for the instillation that will happen on Monday. It was a good internship day in that I did something productive, but I guess I feel like I have yet to be really engaged by this internship, I guess I don’t feel like I have done anything that couldn’t have been done by someone else. But hey maybe the first few months of most jobs are like that, I hope not though.

So that brings us to this morning, which was lovely because until about half an hour ago I was asleep. So far I think (other than Samuka who is at work) I am the only one awake in the house. Which makes it the perfect time to go make myself some french toast.


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