Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2005

Well for those of you who know me, you know that I have never really been a fan of Valentine’s Day. Chalk it up to the good dose of cynicism I possess, the fact that I don’t need another reminder that I am single, and the fact that we never celebrated it growing up (not to mention the huge over commercialization that surrounds the day). Essentially I don’t really care for the day, but this Valentine’s Day was different. It really all is Anna’s fault, she loves Valentine’s day. And I mean loves it all, the decorations, the cards, the special meal, but she loves it not for the whole romantic couple thing, but for the telling people you love them and of course some of the romance in general.

So this evening we cooked a special Valentine day feast. I made Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce, Anna made Cheese Fondue, and Miriam made Fruit Salad. Then we all got dressed up in fancy dresses and dimmed the lights and had some sparkling grape juice. It was a blast and the food was great. Then to top it off our neighbor D Micheal stopped by to deliver some Valentine cookies. Now even though we are giving up sweets for Lent, we decided that today would be an exception. After we stuffed ourselves on all the yummy food the boys cleaned up and us girls changed back into regular clothes. To cap off the evening we went on a walk downtown. The evening was balmy (at least for winter in Indiana) and the sky was clear. We pointed out stars and walked down Pennsylvania Ave to the military monuments. I managed to get a few good pictures of the city lights and a really nice group shot, which I will hopefully post in the near pictures (it will also give you all an idea of my hair).

All in all it was a really lovely evening and I would have to say the best Valentine’s Day I have ever had (even surpassing the one in 6th grade when Ryan (my one and only 3 week elementary “boyfriend”) gave me chocolates and a card). I guess it just reminded me that even the most annoying holiday can be redeemed when you spend it in good company and with a joyful heart. Heres to embracing the sappy every once in a while!

So what were your days like?



  1. hmm, my valentine’s day?

    did homework. all day. missed both meals at the rot, checked mail, got a carnation from ben, but didn’t see him at all until 9:30 after my night class. hung out for an hour or so and then back to work. heh.

  2. […] 2005 – This was a pretty good year, I was down in Indianapolis and living with someone who loved this holiday (this always helps ). While none of us were dating anyone, we all got dressed up and cooked ourselves a really yummy meal. It remains one of my favorite memories from that semester. […]

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