Cecilia by Paul Simon

February 13, 2005

This weekend has gone quite well. Yesterday was just fantastic, sunny and warm. I was just in a good mood overall. Plus we went grocery shopping, which oddly enough I always really enjoy. I guess it is all that bargain finding and the chance to spend money that really doesn’t feel like my own. Plus it is fun thinking up meals and searching for the ingredients for them. Unfortunately Meijers seemed to not have any Tahini, so I will have to postpone the hummus for a while yet, but it will happen soon. But back to my day. I made zweibach! It wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty yummy, although I think using butter instead of margarine makes a big difference.

Then for dinner, my housemates and I went to a really yummy Indian restaurant up in Broad Ripple. I split chicken tika masala, an order of paneer nan, and raita with Anna. So a really yummy meal for basically $10. Then we all went to Glendale Mall to see a fashion show as a part of Black History Month that Miriam’s boss participated in. Then we bummed around the mall for a little bit and went to see Sideways up in Castleton.

I had been hearing rave reviews of it for some time and I have to say it lived up too them. It is very rare to see a movie about adult men’s close friendships and an honest look at the different interactions between men and women and of course the fascinating world of the wine connoisseur. I would recommend the movie, but no need to see it in the theater, just wait for it to come out on video. Although one caution would be that it does contain some brief nudity and full frontal male nudity. Which actually brings up the whole question of why full frontal female nudity can occur in PG-13 movies while full frontal male nudity often risks an NC-17 rating and guaranteed R.

On to Sunday. This morning Miriam, Anna and I got up and went to First Friends Quaker meeting. It was an interesting service and not entirely what I had expected and unfortunately the woman who invited and we were going to meet there never showed up. So we missed out on the promised sunday lunch. But the service was interesting and led into an hour long discussion over lunch of the ideas behind various organized religions.

Then we went to the 3pm show of Vagina Monologues at Indiana Law University where one of our peace house professors was performing and it was quite enjoyable. Although I it isn’t a play that I would enjoy seeing over and over again and that I enjoyed it more when I knew the actresses involved (ie the Goshen College performance of 2003). After the play Mary (our prof) gave us a tour of the law school including the mock courtroom they use for practices and for mock trial competitions. I pretended to be judge, Miriam and Anna were the lawyers and David was the jury. It was great fun, but we had to drag Anna away when we discovered that the microphones actually were working.

But now I really must work on my paper.


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