Goshen, Goshen, Goshen, maybe Ireland

February 3, 2005

Tomorrow my housemates and I will be striking out towards Goshen. I am really excited about getting back to see everyone and Meryl’s birthday party and the International Coffee house/dinner and getting to see my parents finally completed kitchen. It is interesting because this will be the third out of four weekends where I will be having some form of Goshen contact (starting out with my parents’ visit, then Steph, Becca and Tara and ending with my recuitment quick trip a week from today). Yesterday was a good day, Miriam and I got up early to take advantage of the free staff IMAX showing at the State Museum of Jane Goodalls’ Wild Chimpanzes. Excellent movie, lots of great chimp footage and some really spectacular IMAX scenery pictures. Then we made it back to Old Centrum just in time for a spectacular class with J Liechty as guest speaker. He is a really great professor, and for those of you back in Goshen I would really recommend a class or two with him. But even more exciting I was talking with J and apparently there is a Irish Literature and Political Studies course this summer taking place IN Ireland!!!! And while extremely expensive, it would fit into my schedule for the summer, occurring right in between may term and my possible Maple Scholars program. And if I don’t take it for any credit (which I would prefer not to) it could cost possibly half as much. And I will probably try to get a plowshares grant to cover at least some of the expense (and maybe my parents too). So it is really in the air and has a bunch of ways to fail, but there is a chance I would be able to return to Ireland and get to study there with J Liechty (for those of you don’t know, he spent 20+ years there working at peace and reconciliation)!!!!!!


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  1. hey-o, do you know exactly when we hear whether we’ve gotten maple scholars or not? someone said not until march..i hope not.

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