cubicles: those bloodsucking office days

February 3, 2005

Actually despite my rather bitter title, today has been a better internship day than usual. It actually sort of started off badly, with my boss not showing up until 11:30am. Turns out she had a diversity training event and was here since 9am, however I failed to see the small post-it note she left me and therefore spent 2 1/2 hours wondering around thinking, “what the heck?”.

But it seems her day is way worse than mine due to a splitting headache and a crisis with her mother’s health. Isn’t it weird sometimes how something bad happening to someone else can all of a sudden make you feel better? It turns out the work she wanted me to do was scanning in a a bunch of old photos, which while not exactly brain-stretching has led to one of my more relaxing afternoons.

Due to the long scan time, there are significant stretches of time where all I can do is surf the internet! It is so much nicer to waste time when you aren’t doing it as procrastination, but as required downtime. Therefore I have spent most of my time reveling in the world of blogs, which as you can see from the new additions to my sidebar has been quite fun.

Yet along with blogging I have been obsessively waiting for emails and checking to see if one of my checks has cleared. Which along with the almost complete lack of people time today has lead to this slightly weird belief I currently hold that I am indeed the last person on earth (or at least the people in the other cubicles and I). Which always leads me down that temptation to blog odd posts that bemoan the fact that my impact on this society is so small. Which leads me to check my sitemeter every few minutes.

So anyways, good cubicle day, although I think I couldn’t bear them for more than a semester. Oh and do check out those blogs to your right, they are a good time.


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  1. You linked twoevilmonks. You rock.

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