why I love the Indy buses

February 1, 2005

First off, there is a stop less than two blocks away from Peace House. Route 2 buses come by it around 8:30am every morning, which times my transportation perfectly, landing me at the State Museum by 9am almost every morning.

Second, people are nice on the buses. Well I can’t really state this as fact, but so far in my experiences and those of my other housemates, people who ride the bus seem to share of genuine bond. Only we know what it is like to have to depend so completely on a commuter system to get us to jobs. And only we know exactly how wonderful a warm bus can be, especially when it arrives 5 minutes later than you originally that it would on a frosty winter morning.

Third, the drivers are friendly. I have been riding the buses for a two weeks now and most of the time it is Sam who drives the bus down Central Ave. every morning. There is something quite nice about being greeted with a “hello, dear, how are you?” every morning.

There you go, three reasons you should ride the IndyGo bus system


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