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Monday meanderings

January 31, 2005

Well I had a great weekend, starting off with the arrival of Steph, Tara, and Becca on Friday night. It was great to see Goshen people again. After giving them the tour of the house (which takes a considerable amount of time) we started a game of Cherche L’Boche (I always misspell that) and then went to Meijers to get smoothie ingredients. Then we made good use of my jacuzzi and I must say I have never had that many people in the same tub as me before 🙂 Which I must say is one more reason I love being a woman, I don’t think guys would ever all take a bath together and for that I say they are missing out! So several hours after Steph’s goal of 11pm we went to sleep. Then on Saturday, while Steph was at her meeting, Tara, Becca and I went to Broad Ripple to do a little thrift/vintage shopping. And Tara found a great wedding dress, but decided not to get it and instead bought the sexy black shoes. Oh and before that we had a late brunch at IHOP, which while yummy definitely provides all the needed fat and sugar for a week. When we finished shopping, we headed back to Peace House and Becca and I made sour cream sugar cookies (yummy!).

I am really happy that Steph will be coming to Indy every month, because that will allow me to see her and other friends who come along in nice intervals. Anyways after they all headed out, me and the rest of the Peacers got Church’s fried chicken and rented the movie Y Tu Mama Tambien, which was a really great movie. Definitely not one to watch with your parents, or anyone you wouldn’t want to see some pretty explicit sex scenes with. But unfortunately we could only find the R rated version and not the unrated, which normally wouldn’t be a problem, except some of the critical scenes of the movie are sex scenes and therefore were cut out. Oh and another good reason to watch the movie (actually two reasons) are Gael Garcia Bernel and his equally attractive co-star. So if you are in the mood for some explicit sex scenes, amazing acting and writing, and the gorgeous Mexican landscape I recommend it.

Then on Sunday morning Anna, David and I got all dressed up for 11 o’clock mass, but were extremely disappointed to find out that it was at 10:30am. So after returning home and doing some homework I made a casserole to use up our old bread (thanks to Meryl for the inspiration on the rumblytumbly blog)

So all in all a good weekend, and looking forward to a good week.