yingers and yangers

January 27, 2005

Productive things done today:
got up out of bed (okay 20 minutes late, but still quite an accomplishment)
ate some raisin bran
caught my bus on time
arrived at work on time
went through all research in order to produce a timeline of African-Americans involved in the Media in Indianapolis
drank several cups of water

Non-Productive things done today:
pressed snooze button twice
checked email around 15 times
looked up on-line diet plans
checked blog 5 times
looked at The Onion on-line
decided to browse personals, decided to create my own profile (yes I am a dork)
spent 20 minutes determining witty ways to describe myself (failed miserably but published anyways)
spent 10 minutes browsing other profiles
wrote this post

Oh and on a side note, I have received the really exciting news that Steph AND Becca AND Tara are all coming to visit me this weekend!!! Happy Abby!


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