today the office, tomorrow the world

January 25, 2005

Well today I am spending all of my time in the office. After arriving here at 9am, I finally was assigned my very own badge which does such exciting things as proclaims me “Intern 936” and opens the elevator door to the offices. Since I arrived I have been working on a timeline for African-Americans involved in journalism, which although an interesting topic, I feel that I have beaten to death seeing as I have over 6 pages of dates and still have no idea how this will be used. KT asked me this morning if I was having fun and assured me that she wouldn’t be offended if I wasn’t, but even so I couldn’t quite say that I was really bored and felt trapped in a random office doing work that remained unconnected from any actual work. But on the plus side I have been working in one of the extra side offices, which has a big window and my own computer. So I have been checking my email approximately every hour.

So this internship isn’t awful, but the fact that lunch today was the highlight of it doesn’t speak highly. I think when it comes down to it, I just feel unconnected from people and from meaningful work. I really should talk to KT about it, but she seems to have enough stress right now.

But on the brighter side of life, today is sunny and warmer than yesterday. Oh and I haven’t had any of the amazingly horrible cramps that I had yesterday so that makes me one happy girl.

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