okay so about that internship

January 19, 2005

Well I went to the first day of my internship yesterday and well………it wasn’t exactly awesome. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting but spending most of the afternoon in a very cold cubicle in a big office full of people staring at computers and checking facts wasn’t exactly my cup of tea.

But I did manage the bus system all by myself and stopped by the library on the way back and got my library card for M_____ County. Unfortunately that meant I had a 20 minute walk home because I didn’t want to spend another 1.25 and did I mention that yesterday was cold and I mean bitter sap all your breath cold?

However back to the internship, I am trying to stay positive and remember that there are really good people at the State museum and some nice perks and that KT (my mentor/supervisor) was really stressed out and not having the best day (her car broke down on the way to work so she was 2 hours late) either. So I am keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow and I am gonna wear my sexy boots for luck 🙂

Which reminds me I also didn’t see a single guy my age, attractive or not so much, basically all older married men or women……. But hey I guess I can always try to pick up guys on the bus. For example the rather large man who rode the bus this morning and when attempting to get off had difficulty keeping his pants up and lets just say I don’t like crack.

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