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I wonder as I wander

January 10, 2005

This weekend has been a rather good one, although I am discovering that as a group we tend to be rather laid-back and loungish. But that can be very good too! So a recap of what we did (at this point we are still doing most everything together, which will actually change this week, so as Anna keeps pointing out we will actually have things to talk about as a group over dinner).

Saturday was a sleep in day (until 11am). Then Emily and Ruth took us to catch our first bus and we went up College Ave. to this little shopping “village” called Broad Ripple. Apparently it used to be quite the alternative place that catered to youth and a more diverse section of people. However it has been becoming a more yuppie type place and they passed a no skateboarding ordinance which really diminished its youth population. So while there are still really nice shops, some more pricy stuff has moved in. We started off of the afternoon with an amazing brunch/lunch at the Three Sisters. I had a sausage, mushroom, feta and avocado omelet which was incredible. Everyone else seemed to get really fantastic food as well. Then Ruth headed off and we hit the natural foods store to do so stocking up for our kitchen. We got various dry goods and then discovered their spice section. Amazing prices! We got things like curry for .40 cents per ounce! And an ounce is quite a lot. I am never gonna look at those spice bottle in the grocery stores the same. After that we wondered around some more, checking out thrift stores and other little odd shops. Then we got some ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s, said goodbye to Emily and caught the bus (all by ourselves) back home. After all that we sat down and tried to figure what we wanted to do with our evening. Due to our limited funds, still very limited knowledge of the city, we were uncertain of what to do. So finally around 9pm we decided to go to Meijers and do our big round of stock-up shopping. $140 dollars later, our kitchen is looking much more livable and much more full.

Sunday morning we all went to S—— Mennonite and connected with a bunch of parents of GCers who attend there. It was a good service and I could see returning there, however I am afraid Assembly has spoiled me for hymn singing, S—– just couldn’t compare. But I may return at a later point, because right now the plan is to visit a variety of churches/mosques/synagogues while we have the opportunity to.

Sunday afternoon/evening was more of the laid back relaxing, broken up by a trip to Circle Center mall where we wondered around for a while and I found a really nice pair of too-expensive boots. Then we went to see Lemony Snicket’s A series of unfortunate events, which was pretty good for a children’s movie. Although the books sound better.

So that is pretty much the weekend, so far only Anna and I are awake this morning and I should get going, because I am planning on walking down to O’Malia’s to pick up some turkey sausage for my dinner tomorrow night.